August 2019 Episodes

Episode 13

August 28, 2019

Rob Schremp is a former NHL player who learned about the benefits of the cannabis plant and is now helping others in and out of sports find their path. It's helped him with depression and anxiety and it he feels it can help current and former athletes with recovery etc as well. Chris Ianson, our educator dropped by with LA Confidential from Aurora in What's That Strain. Plus the Cannabis Character Cup continues.  Listen on Apple Music or here

Episode 12

August 21, 2019

Sean Gareau - High Culture Glass

Chris Ianson - What's That Strain

David Wylie -

We explored the world of high culture glass with Sean Gareau who brought his own beautiful bong out and explained the world of high priced bongs. You won't believe how much one went for in Seattle recently. Sean also joined Chris Ianson for What's That Strain where Dean was able to enjoy some beautiful Jean Guy from 7 Acres. David Wylie of joined Dean for This Week in Cannabis News where they discussed bad black market vape cartridges, weed on display at a BC Fall Fair, good news/bad news for Canopy and Ontario's cannabis license lottery is straight up weird. Plus the Cannabis Character Cup continues. Listen on Apple Music or here

Episode 11

August 14, 2019

The honourable Anne McLellan led the task force that made recommendations for legalization. What was the process like? Are there things she would do differently? What about the future? How has this impacted Canada's international reputation? We covered that and more in a lengthy interview. Listen on Apple Music or here

Episode 10

August 7, 2019

Jacquie the Baker joined me in studio to explain the process of turning cannabis into chocolate truffles - sorry, delicious chocolate truffles. If you're interested in baking with canna butter this is for you. We also profiled Wappa from Namaste in What's That Strain and a frustrating story out of Revelstoke, B.C. in This Week in Cannabis News from the Cannabis Character Cup continues. Listen on Apple Music or here

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