September 2019 Episodes

Episode 17

September 26, 2019

Do you want to know what strain is right for you? Sam Gordashko of Lobo Genetics joined me in studio to discuss how a testing kit, a few swabs and your DNA can tailor your cannabis use specifically to your needs/wants. It's amazing technology that is great for those new to cannabis and experienced users a like. Cannabis 101 Podcast listeners can get 50% a testing kit! David Wylie of discussed the big news in cannabis with me including cannabis stores for sale in BC and Aphria Education among other stories. We had a Tsunami in What's That Strain. Chris Ianson educated me on Tsunami from Hexo Corp, a delightful indica that was great for my sleep. We also unveiled our new contest, What's Your Strain, find out how you can have your favourite strain reviewed and go on a shopping spree courtesy of The Cannabis 101 Podcast!!!  That and more including Ted as our Cannabis CharacterListen on Apple Music or here

Episode 16

September 18, 2019

This week I wanted to explore - in a civil way - what you don't like about legalization. Voice your opinion, but let's do it respectfully. I have issues with the advertising restrictions, for others it's quality and of course price is a big issuecafor a lot of people. Let's also remember we as a nation are less than a year into legalization so it will take time to work out the kinks. David Wylie of was back with This Week in Cannabis News as we discussed CannTrust hitting rock bottom, celebrity endorsements for CBD and advertising and web browsing restrictions. In What's That Strain Chris Ianson and I explored Kent County Kush from Vertical Cannabis, and I combined cannabis and tech in Tools of the Trade. The Cannabis Character Cup continues, find the match ups and bracket on twitter @TheCannabis101. In this episode we celebrated Wyatt, played by the late Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Listen on Apple Music or here 

Episode 15

September 11, 2019

This week I put Chris Ianson to work twice. He joined me as usual for What's That Strain where I enjoyed Serratus from Tantalus Labs, but he also chatted with me about how his first grow went. If you're new you might get some tips, or if you're experienced you might give us some tips!!!  Listen on Apple Music or here

Episode 14

September 4, 2019

The Rosin Bros

Chris Ianson - Cannabis Educator, Whats that Strain? 

David Wylie -

Have you ever heard of rosin? I hadn't until a month or so ago, now I love it. I had the Rosin Bros (Justin and Shevy) come out this week, they pressed and we tasted. It is great and you'll learn about it in this episode. Chris Ianson and I reviewed #402 Blueberry Kush from Haven St, and David Wylie and I discussed more trouble for CannTrust. Plus the Cannabis Character Cup continues.  Listen on Apple Music or here

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